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How to make an appointment?

The best way to book an appointment is here on the website.

If you have any trouble booking online, please contact us through mail (info@healthinprogress.be) or give us a call +32486 804 604.

What do I need on the first appointment?

  • Comfortable clothing
  • Your ID
  • Possible medical information that can be helpful

How do I cancel an appointment?

You can cancel your appointment until 24h before the actual appointment.

Make sure you leave us a message, so other people can take your spot and we don’t have to charge you an appointment you did not receive.

How do I pay?

Payments in cash or by card are both possible.  

Wat is the price and duration of an appointment?

Kinesitherapie (= physiotherapy)

First consultation will take around an hour to have a clear look at your problem and make all the papers ready. The price of this first consultation is 50€. Further appointments can be made depending on your needs. Normal follow up appointments cost 30€.

Opvolging na operatie (= after surgery)

After surgery the timing and costs are the same as normal physiotherapy. Certain administrative documents can cause some extra costs but these are normally fully covered by your health insurance.

Osteopathie of complexe kinesitherapeutische problemen (= osteopathy or complex problems)

A consult of osteopathy or ‘complex kinesitherapeutische problemen’ are always around 40min to an hour. The price of a session is 50€.  

When can physiotherapy be helpful?

General physiotherapy Mechelen

  • Pain in neck or back
  • Muscle and tendon injuries
  • Post-operative treatment
  • Recovery after trauma
  • Stress management

Injury prevention Mechelen

  • Screening and advice
  • Medically responsible training
  • Train under supervision for a specific purpose (marathon, cycling holiday,..)

Aqua rehabilitation Mechelen

  • Rehabilitation after surgery
  • Physical build-up after injury
  • Physical preparation for the training season

What appointment do I need?

Na een operatie (= after surgery):

This option is for everybody that had a surgery.

Kinesitherapie (= physiotherapy):

With a prescription of a doctor for physiotherapy, this is your option.

Complex probleem (=complex problem):

If you have a prescription of a doctor on a chronic or complex problem.

Osteopathie (= osteopathy):

This is your option if you want to have a holistic approach on your problems. You don’t need a doctor’s prescription for this appointment.

Vervolgconsult of korte check-up (= follow up appointment):

This session is the follow up session after the first consult.

Aquarevalidatie (= aqua rehabilitation):

Aqua rehabilitation is done in the local swimmingpool (Leliestraat). The session takes an hour.


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