Within the power of health, we find our true wealth

Health in Progress (HiP) is a sports practice for and by athletes, our team consists of a physiotherapist and an osteopath. Our goal is to help you to rehabilitate after an injury or to support you to achieve your sports goals. We do this at very different levels. This can go from guiding professional athletes after a sports injury to remedying persistent back pain that occurs during desk work or after completing your Netflix marathon.

You can also contact us for aqua rehabilitation. Thanks to the load-carrying force, rehabilitation in the water offers us many possibilities. As a result, certain physical accents that are not yet possible on land can be integrated more quickly into rehabilitation. How do we work? Through a screening we expose the problem areas and set up a tailor-made treatment plan. Everyone is unique and has unique complaints, which need to be addressed under individual supervision. Together with you we look for the ideal accompaniment and we work towards an optimal recovery.

We had the privilege of assisting some international and Olympic athletes during their recovery or preparatory phase. Of course we also give advice on training and injury prevention to amateur athletes and non-athletes with great pleasure.

Health in Progress

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